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Why your web design project will take you longer than you think

We all know how important it is to have our business online.  Nearly 80% of people will search for your business online before they take the plunge.  

The next question you might be asking yourself is, can I do it myself?  

You might even be tech-savvy and you are looking forward to the challenge.  However, it is not as straightforward as you think.  

Lately, DIY companies have seen a surge in business.  Everyone was at home and they were getting the time to complete their DIY projects.  They also had all the time in the world to complete them.  

However, when it comes to your website, you don’t want to waste any time.  After all, time is money.  The quicker your business is online, then the sooner you can start being visible to your target market.

Still considering going it alone, then keep reading to see what obstacles you might come up against.

Free website design templates

Even a quick search online about creating a website will bring up dozens of free templates to use.  They look simple enough and they say you can edit them easily.  What could go wrong?

Your website will still require images, copy, headers, and even some code.  It’s a lot we know and if you have to figure things out along the way it may cost you precious time.  However, a professional knows their way around and it is second nature to them.


This is another area where things can get a bit tricky.  You need your website to show and be compatible with mobile devices.  If it isn’t showing up properly then you are going to lose out on potential sales.  

A designer will create a website using Responsive Design Technology.  This means that it will look good and be easy to use on all devices, not just a laptop.


Before you even contemplate what you want your website to look like you need to come up with a plan.  This is where you will think about your target audience and what appeals to them.  

It is tempting to put any website out there, but it can be more damaging to your business having the wrong one.  Biding your time to come up with the best design for your brand will save you time and money in the future.  

Beating the competition

A lot of small businesses choose to go it alone and while we understand why; it can be detrimental to their business.  This is not their field of expertise and that comes across on the website.  

A professionally created website puts you head and shoulders above the competition.  

Special features

Some features do not come as standard on your website.  You may want to add some features that enhance your site or make your business more efficient.

Learning how to add them to your website will take time.  


When you build a website, you want it to work.  Your business can’t afford crashes or errors.  If you opt to do it yourself, you may need to call in a professional if something goes wrong.  This can cost you not just time, but with your website down, you could lose out on potential leads.  

Most professionally created websites will include maintenance work and your website is protected.

Speed is everything

How many times have you closed a website due to it loading slowly?  You don’t want that to be your site.  When building your site you will need to think about plugins and integrated features that will help improve both your security and speed.


There is no point in building a website if you are going to end up on page 1125 on Google.  You can have the best-looking website on the planet, but if no one is seeing it then it won’t be marketing your business. 

SEO helps bring your website closer to the front page of searches.  The closer your website is the more potential for leads and sales.  Learning about SEO and then implementing the right keywords and backlinks will research and time.

We know that a lot of we said may sound like goobledy gook, but a professional web designer wouldn’t blink an eye.  They will be able to build you a beautifully crafted website that fits your brand identity.  

This leaves time for you to get on with what you know best – running your business.  Get in touch if you want to see what website we could create for your business.