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Breaking Ballet Course and Membership Website

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Orenki worked with Sarah, founder of Breaking Ballet, to give her a website that met all her diverse business needs.

Through her own journey from Ballet School to Law School, Sarah learned that the effects of a ‘desk lifestyle’ without a sustainable way of exercising are critical. She took a leap, rediscovered ballet and retrained as an instructor. Thus Breaking Ballet was born; Sarah wanted to break down the barriers and dispel ballet’s myths. Helping others to find what she had – a revitalised connection to her body, fresh inspiration to move, and a way of keeping fit that she could stick to, forever.

Sarah came to Orenki because Breaking Ballet needed a place to call home, an online one. She needed a platform she could share her message on, run courses and teach from – a place where she could support her members and welcome new ones in.

We were thrilled to work with Sarah and give her what she needed to let her mission thrive.


Creating a portal for Sarah’s membership and course area has to be one of our favourite ever projects. Though it was complex, and a lot of work, the end result is so worth it!

We’ve combined a course area with an online community and protected content areas so that those who are part of her membership have access to the full site, exclusing any courses not included within the membership. A big part of this was the workout videos available to all members.