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How to get more sales WITHOUT having to offer discounts

Ready to wake up to notifications of sales made in your sleep?

Did you know that most offers entrepreneurs/biz owners launch flop?

Maybe there’s a wee bite or nibble… but a handful of people in your new programme isn’t enough to pay the bills, right?

And right now all these gurus are spouting how ‘the time is now’ with the pandemic meaning everyone’s online.

Which is fine for them to say, they already have a following of 50 million. Last time you launched you got crickets….

Sound familiar?

The good news is, you’re not alone.

This is far more common than you think

Most of the successful business owners making bank failed multiple times before something stuck.

Sometimes it takes them years….. Decades of failing before something lands right and suddenly they seem an overnight success.

It’s no wonder many business owners give up after launching an offer or two, deciding to close the doors and go back to employment. Waiting decades for success to one-day grace their lives sounds awful. It’s a hard-no from me.

Who wants to wait decades for success to one-day grace their lives? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Let's ditch the discounts!

Having been in the online business world for over 10 years I’ve been there, done that, bought every course going and have the T-Shirts to prove it 😜

I’ve spent hours mapping out whole courses and launched to crickets

I’ve created offers I thought were PERFECT for my ideal client, only to get no sign-ups.

I’ve doubted my pricing, wondered if I have enough social followers, if my list is big enough etc etc

Every doubt, fear, concern and question you have, I’ve had it.

Until last year.

Last year something different happened…

I figured out the key wasn’t to just keep creating new offers, to discount my prices, to give things away for free to test the waters…

It was time to ditch the discount and stack the value instead.

It was time to get a grip on my pricing and stay steadfast in the value I was offering.

And it’s time for you to do the same...

Hello there, I'm Cat

Co-Owner, CEO and Creative Director at Orenki Creative

We’re huge believers in the power of the internet and how it enables you to reach people all over the world.

That’s why I am so passionate about helping business owners create an online presence that not only looks great but delights their ideal clients and increases conversions. By combining beautiful design with persuasion based strategy, we can help you grow your business online and make more bank!

All of this, without having to work all the hours, cos ain’t nobody got time for that!

And this is where your offers come in. The first step in building a thriving business is ensuring your offers convert.


There’s nothing cookie-cutter and generic about this!

Cat Burchmore shows you how to get more sales WITHOUT having to offer discounts!

What's included?

Special Launch Price = £ 347

payment plan available

What's Included?

Special Launch Price = £ 347

Special Launch Price

= £ 347

payment plan available

Don’t miss our special launch price for this offer! 

Only 5 spaces available!

Creating and launching offers is EXHAUSTING. Let’s make it as easy as possible, and ensure the best results possible by having an expert give you guidance.

Within our offer audit we will:
how to get more sales without having to offer discounts!

In just one consultation Cat gained an understanding of our business idea for an online course and shared her knowledge on how and when to deliver different types of content to maximise funnelling and building trust and relationships with the audience to increase take up for the launch. Her ideas enabled us to build a solid effective strategy to implement. Cats experience of social media and digital marketing has been so valuable to the project.

Jo Colley Keyes
Owner and Founder at Time to Nourish

Cat and I worked on a 1:1 basis for 8 weeks.  She really helped me drill down in to what I needed to do to launch my recent masterclass and make it a success; as a result of her help I doubled the number of clients on my online nutrition course. Cat took the time to understand my business and how I wanted it to grow. All of the advice and guidance she gave me was focused on my business and my goals – not some generic guidance. As well as our weekly zoom calls Cat was happy to provide support outside of these sessions, particularly as I got close to the masterclass date.  Cat has not only helped me develop my technical skills but my confidence too!

Sue Richards
Certified Nutritionist at FiTTRVie Fitness and Nutrition

Where do I start with Cat! She is beyond passionate about what she does & ensuring she offers THE BEST service to her clients. She goes above & beyond to make sure all her work is of the highest quality possible. Her knowledge of funnels, strategies, websites, online technical aspects of business is second to none & this shows in her work, as well as planning for every project. 

She is honest, genuine & really cares – which I just love. 

If you ever need support in growing your business, automation, systems & everything technical – Cat & her team really are the place to go. I would recommend her (& do) to any of my clients & community. 
You will not be disappointed!
Samantha Hearne
Business Coach
Special Launch Price

= £ 347

Special Launch Price = £ 347

payment plan available


What if I don’t have an existing offer?

As long as you know your business and ideal client we can create your first offer together within this audit.

I have lots of offers I’d like audited, can we look at them all?

This session is for one main offer, which can include upsells, downsells etc, but is just one main offer.

Can you audit my funnel as well?

Auditing an offer is the first step we need to take before auditing any existing funnels you may have. This is something you can discuss with Cat and organise as an add on, once the offer audit is complete.

People aren't looking at my offer in the first place, will this help with traffic?

This will help you position your offer to entice eyeballs anywhere you share it!

I'm already super overwhelmed with what to actually do, is this just going to add to my to-do list?

You will come away with a simple to implement, step-by-step guide, unique to you, to implement the changes discussed with Cat. Having everything laid out clearly and concisely will stop overwhelm in its tracks!

You have two choices…

You can try and figure it out on your own.

Keep trying new things and *hope* people suddenly start buying your offer..


You can get expert advice, guidance and support and ensure your offer actually gets you and your client’s results.

Build your own beautiful website
Special Launch Price

= £ 347

Special Launch Price = £ 347

payment plan available